Queen Elizabeth II High School

Students at Queen Elizabeth II High School on the Isle of Man are involved in a pioneering project to combine their Biomass heating system with a Wind Turbine. Inspired by a trip to Gambia and seeing the impact of climate change, the students returned wanting to educate people about how to, and why they should reduce their carbon footprint.

Their eco work has gained International recognition. They were awarded the first UNESCO Ozone Action Certificate and filmed for BBC Newsround. Their project ‘Will Wind Work’ brought attention to the students' interest in alternative low carbon energy resources. The Department of Education recognised their enthusiasm in championing energy efficient strategies and chose the school to pilot the first biomass boiler. The students want to combine this with a wind turbine helping reducing carbon emissions of over 300 tonnes per annum. It will provide a real laboratory, hands on science for examining energy costs, CO2 etc. Data will be available for analysis through the Department of Education Intranet enabling all schools on the Isle of Man to access a valuable teaching resource .It will provide base line data for future energy systems used by schools and other government buildings.