Grameen Shakti

Grameen Shakti (GS) has been , delivering  renewable energy technologies (RET) through micro finance to the Bangladeshi rural off-grid population since 1996. As a social business, GS creates employment, fosters entrepreneurship, empowers women, youth and communities and breaks energy poverty without damaging nature.

GS has already installed about 950,000 SHS with over 23,000 monthly installations till date, constructed 23,500 Biogas plants and set up about 550,000 Improved Cooking Stoves. GS will have installed more than 1 million SHS at the end of 2012 benefitting over 7 million people. The goal is 2 million systems by 2015. Yearly CO2 emission reduction by GS reaches approximately 723,598 ton. Currently, GS is the only company in Bangladesh to have registered two CDM projects – SHS & ICS. Innovative financing makes RET cost-effective for the poor to traditional energy and creates ownership at the cost of kerosene. GS programs are integrated with local communities for income generation, poverty reduction, better quality of life, GHG emission reduction and sustainable development. It directly employs about 12,000 staff through 1,400 offices creating 500 green jobs every month and 46 rural technology centres solely run by 200 female engineers. The company has already trained 3,500 women technicians making them self-reliant.