EcoNation (Belgium) developed and commercialised the 'LightCatcher', the first active and intelligent daylight system in the world which captures, enhances, filters and optimises daylight through a skylight, motorised mirror and lenses. LightCatcher allows users to switch off artificial light fittings for 3,650 hours per year while making use of only 1% of the roof surface. Thanks to its direct, high efficiency, the LightCatcher’s impact on environment and energy bill is eight times higher than solar panels.

Combined with a daylight quantification and monitoring technology, LightCatcher allows EcoNation to offer an alternative business model whereby EcoNation absorbs the complete investment for its (industrial and/or public) customers. This is a revolutionary approach in daylight industry and allows for enormous energy and ecological savings without any upfront investment.

Step 1. EcoNation installs LightCatchers on a customer’s roof and a light control system inside the building.
Step 2. EcoNation absorbs the complete investment through a ‘LiCom’ (Light Investment Company) and monitors the energy savings together with the customer, thanks to proprietary quantification and monitoring technology.
Step 3: EcoNation invoices only part of the generated savings, at a guaranteed lower price than the customer pays today.

In three years’ time, EcoNation has initiated projects in nine countries (in Europe, Africa and South East Asia).