Sharp Corporation

Sharp’s corporate vision is to become an Eco-Positive Company. By “Eco-Positive Company,” Sharp means a company that works with all stakeholders in creating solutions that have significantly more positive impact on the environment than the negative impact caused by business activities.

One important effort towards this vision is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its business activities, Sharp is developing and spreading the use of energy-creating solar cells and energy-saving products.

For more than 50 years, Sharp's efforts in research and development have led to groundbreaking solar solutions from lighthouses to space satellites to mega solar power plants. Cumulative shipping volume of Sharp's solar cells has reached to 5.5GW, the world's largest Recently, Sharp has achieved the world's highest solar cell conversion efficiencies of 36.9% by using its proprietary technology for new triple-junction compound solar cell. On the way to realise over 45% efficiency under concentrated light, 43.5% efficiency, which is the world-record for concentrated cells too, already has been achieved. This technology of world highest efficiency will open the way to a bright future for solar PV society.