Non-Profit Organisation (NPO/NGO)

Submission guidelines

This category is open to not-for-profit organisations. Any non-profit organisation, NGO, industry association, research organisation, or international body may apply, provided that its operations have a direct impact on the renewable energy and sustainability industries. Note that companies operating for a profit should apply to one of the business categories (Large Corporation or SME).

As a candidate organisation, you should have made a clear technical, organisational or social impact in the world of renewable energy or sustainability. This may include the dissemination of a particular solution, the furtherance of technical knowledge, awareness-raising or policy development. We want you to inspire us with the impact and innovation of your work. In particular, we are looking for candidates that are more directly involved with issues of energy access and human impact.

Key qualities in this Category:


  • Clear, significant and positive impact on human lives through renewable energy and sustainability-related technology, either in the development and dissemination of a solution, product or technology, or by affecting positive change through other means
  • A tangible and scalable improvement to quality of life for individuals or communities
  • Demonstrated commitment to furthering the renewable energy industry as a whole, for example through advocacy, stakeholder engagement, standards development, and so on


  • Candidate has developed a novel solution, service or initiative that improves the quality of human life and promotes sustainability or renewable energy
  • Innovations developed by the NPO have been successfully adopted or implemented and have produced tangible industrial, social or environmental benefits


  • Inspires people outside the organisation to behave in a more environmentally sustainable way
  • Commitment to raising awareness and supporting renewable energy and sustainability policy development in either the public or private sectors

Long-Term Vision

  • Sustainable operating model for long-term growth and continued success
  • Clear vision for the long-term future of energy, which drives on-going work and new initiatives