Lifetime Achievement

1.1. Submission Guidelines

This category is open to an individual with an outstanding record of achievement in the renewable energy and sustainability sectors. Note that deceased people are ineligible for the prize, as are all currently serving politicians and past heads of state.

Nominees may come from a variety of backgrounds, including academic, political, technical or business fields. A strong candidate will have made an exceptional impact on the industry or broader society with distinct personal achievements over at least a decade. They should be an inspirational individual, and through their leadership, the impact of their work will have reached far beyond their own actions and benefited the lives of many people.

Candidates will be added to a pool of nominations for consideration, and a shortlist will be put forward to the committee stages based on how well they meet the criteria below. To ensure your candidate has the greatest chances of success, please provide background information in each of the four criteria. Key qualities of this Category:


  • Clear, significant and positive impact on the renewable energy and sustainability industry either in the development and dissemination of a solution, product or technology, or by affecting positive change through other means
  • A tangible and scalable improvement to quality of life for individuals or communities
  • Demonstrated commitment to furthering the renewable energy industry as a whole, for example through advocacy, stakeholder engagement, standards development, and so on


  • Widely recognised as an outstanding and inspirational leader in their field, with much of the impact attributable to this individual having been brought about through other people, as a result of the applicant’s leadership.
  • Founder or leader of initiatives or organisations that have, during the candidate’s tenure, had a magnified and significant impact in furthering the adoption of renewable energy or in sustainable development.


  • Clear individual contribution to the development of disruptive, innovative solutions, services or initiatives with tangible benefits in the fields of business, technology, policy, academia, or other development activities
  • Innovations have been successfully adopted or implemented and have gained real traction within the industry

Long-Term Vision

  • Clear vision for the long-term future of energy, which drives on-going work and new initiatives

1.2. Nomination form

Your details

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Nominee details [all mandatory apart from phone or email]:

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  • Associated organisations & positions:
  • Phone number or email address (if known):
  • Please summarise why the nominee should win the Zayed Future Energy Prize. Include their major achievements and positions of leadership. Please describe how this individual’s impact exceeds that of their peers.
  • Link to relevant further information (website, linkedin, publication record, etc.):