Large Corporations

To be eligible for this Category, nominees must be corporations with revenues exceeding $100m per year. Enterprises with lower revenues may apply for the SME/Non-Profit Organisation (NPO/NGO) category.

This category is open to large corporations that have made a significant contribution to renewable energy and sustainability. A strong candidate in this category will have a clear vision for the long-term future of energy and a coherent, financially and ecologically sustainable strategy for its own role in bringing about this future. It already receives significant revenues from clean energy and is experiencing strong growth in its clean-energy related business areas. The company and its management have exhibited strong thought leadership at the highest levels of the industry and are active in promoting sustainable business practices.



  • Major investments and business interests related to renewable energy and sustainability
  • Sustainable and successful business model with continued strong growth
  • A global presence at the forefront of its industry
  • Introduction of products, solutions or services that have gained real traction in the industry

Long-Term Vision

  • An imaginative and inspirational vision for the future of renewable energy and sustainability
  • A demonstrable interest in realising its long-term vision for the industry, for example by maintaining a long-term research and development programme
  • Robust future growth strategy and large addressable market


  • Outreach and communication programmes that aim to influence opinion and behaviour of consumers or businesses towards renewable energy and sustainability
  • High-profile team with a clear thought-leadership role amongst industry peers
  • Commitment to raising awareness and supporting renewable energy policy development


  • Track record of developing innovative, unique products or solutions that improve quality of human life