1366 Technologies

1366 Technologies aims to deliver solar at a cost less than coal. Solar photovoltaics (PV) technology has made great progress in the last decade, with technical improvements to efficiency and manufacturing scale cost reductions resulting in an overall 10x reduction in $/Watt from PV modules.

This learning curve, though rapid and continuous, requires additional innovation in order for solar to truly compete with fossil fuels and reshape our energy landscape. One such opportunity for improvement lies in the silicon wafer, the most expensive part of a solar module, representing nearly 40% of the module’s cost. 1366 Technologies has invented a breakthrough in solar photovoltaics manufacturing called the Direct Wafer® process, that cuts the cost of a standard, silicon wafer by more than 50% and slashes the energy needed to produce the wafer by more than 60%. The invention is poised to disrupt the $10B and growing silicon solar wafer market and combines two models of innovation – new scientific invention and new ways of manufacturing. This combination gives 1366 a significant advantage in PV, the ability to both reinvent the manufacture of silicon solar wafers and to improve the wafers.