We Care Solar

We Care Solar saves lives in childbirth by supplying solar power to remote health centres across Africa and Asia.

In developing countries, midwives and doctors struggle to provide obstetric care at night. We Care Solar developed a “Solar Suitcase”: a 12 volt DC solar electric system combined with efficient appliances - medical lights, phone chargers, and a fetal heart rate monitor - to address this problem. The Solar Suitcase is portable, durable and has been deployed in nearly 1,700 health facilities serving 614,000 mothers and new-borns to date. The organisation also conducts training for installation, usage and maintenance so that Solar Suitcases are operated effectively. The organisation’s high-level advocacy efforts helped get energy for women and child healthcare labelled a UN Sustainable Energy For All (SE4ALL) “High Impact Opportunity” (HIO) project. Its work to raise awareness in the media and global forums has been very successful and is on-going. It also runs an education programme, We Share Solar, in the US. The programme promotes hands-on science and technology skills, and solar energy knowledge.